This is hell for Christians

These aren’t the kinds of stories that get the most hits, but Christian persecution is rampant in Pakistan and these stories must be told.

This one Christian village is going through ‘hell’ in Pakistan as they are being horribly persecuted by Muslims just because they are Christians:

CBN NEWS – Convert to Islam or die. Those are the two options facing Christian residents of one Pakistani village.

The violence reportedly started when a Muslim accused a Christian of blaspheming the Prophet Mohammed.

The Christian man, Imran Masih, was severely beaten and then some members of the Muslim community reportedly planned to set him on fire. Masih, along with his family, are said to have left the village and are in hiding.

Now elders of the predominately Muslim village of Chak 44 are demanding to know his whereabouts and have issued a religious fatwa and a reward of about $1000 for his capture.

Shortly after the fatwa was issued, mobs of radical Muslims started torching homes of Christian villagers forcing many families to flee for their lives.

Saleem Iqbal, director of a human rights group in the area, told a German newspaper that Christians in the village are facing a perilous situation. “They are facing a complete social and economic boycott as no shopkeeper is selling anything to them,” Iqbal said.

Local authorities have reportedly stepped in asking Christian and Muslim leaders to solve the problem peacefully but Christians in Chak are still on edge.

“We are totally unsatisfied with our lives and the fact of the matter is that despite the efforts of the police officials, extremists can attack us any time,” Yaqoob Iqbal told German newspaper DW.


Here’s more with the president of International Christian Concern:

Read the full story on this here.

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