UPDATE: GOVERNMENT DENIES — NOW THIS IS AWESOME: Jordanian King to fly bombing raids over ISIS


The news is breaking tonight that the Jordanian King has said he will fly bombing raids over ISIS:

DAILY CALLER – Jordan’s King Abdullah ibn al-Hussein, who has trained as a pilot, may fly a bomber himself on Thursday in the country’s retaliation against the ISIS.

Several Arabic-language newspapers reported late Wednesday that the monarch would personally participate in bombing raids on the terrorist group, citing his vow Tuesday to “strike them in their strongholds.”

This is a photo going around the internet tonight of the badass King Abdullah II:


I will have more on this later tonight, so stay tuned…

UPDATE: As promised, I have more on this via Walid Shoebat. The big thing to note is that ISIS is on the run right now anticipating the King’s attack, ordering prisoners moved to different locations and clearing their headquarters in Syria:

The king who is a trained jet fighter pilot himself is no Obama and monitoring ISIS’s twitter communications also reveal that ISIS extremely concerned and is on the move anticipating Jordan’s reaction. ISIS leaders ordered to move all captive prisoners to different locations. This would mean the possibility of a ground attack. ISIS also ordered all centers to be relocated including all its headquarters in the Syrian region.

Translation: “General order from ISIS to clear all headquarters and transfer all prisoners in Raqqa city
Translation: “General order from ISIS to clear all headquarters and transfer all prisoners in Raqqa city”

The King met with his chiefs of security immediately after ISIS burned their POW and discussed with them all the options available to respond, which they promised to be seismic. Jordan promised that they would step up the efforts with the international coalition upon his return from Washington Wednesday.

The official spokesman and Minister of State for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani stated that the Jordanian response will be played all over the world and “will be announced at the appropriate time on the security and military levels.”

What Jordan is promising is different than the regular launching of air strikes which went on during the past few hours. The king during a meeting in the General Command by senior civilian and military officials vowed that “the blood of the martyr hero pilot Muaz Kasasbeh will not go in vain, and that Jordan and its army will pay back what its son suffered”.

King Abdullah II added: “we are fighting this war to protect our faith and our values and our humanitarian principles, and the fight for it will be relentless, we will be on the lookout for the clique of criminals and hit them in their own homes.”

UPDATE: The government of Jordan is now denying that the King will fly bombing missions over ISIS (translation of Arabic via Walid Shoebat):

ALNAHER NEWS – “While several news agencies reported this piece, the Jordanian government spokesman Mohammed Al-Momani denied these reports about the participation of His Majesty King Abdullah II air sorties to hit Daash terrorist organization. Momani stressed in a statement to “Al-Ghad Newspaper” that whatever was disseminated throughput news sites and social networking sites in this regard is unfounded.”

Ah well, it was a great story.

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